MAG Boxes we currently support

We support most MAG Boxes, but if your device is not listed below, please open a chat with us and we may have other options available for you.

  • AuraHD
  • AuraHD2
  • AuraHD3
  • AuraHD4
  • AuraHD5
  • AuraHD6
  • AuraHD7
  • AuraHD8
  • MAG256
  • MAG257
  • MAG260
  • MAG270
  • MAG275
  • MAG322
  • MAG323
  • MAG324
  • AuraHD9
  • WR320
  • MAG200
  • MAG245
  • MAG245D
  • MAG250
  • MAG255
  • MAG325
  • MAG349
  • MAG350
  • MAG351
  • MAG352
  • MAG420
  • MAG254

Install IPTV on a MAG Box

This is the install procedure for a MAG250 – MAG256.  If you have a different model the setup may differ somewhat, but its not likely to be so different that the info below isn’t enough to you on the right path.  On the off chance that you are not able to setup your MAG Box with our service though, feel free to open a chat request with us, and we will help you with it.

  1. Click System Settings.
  2. Click Server
  3. Click Portals
  4. In the Portal 1 URL field type in the URL we gave you at signup

Choose a Plan That Works For You

All A1 IPTV service plans offer at least 2 concurrent connections, in 1, 3, 6 and 12 month terms, and you can select up to 5 concurrent connections on any plan